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The more the coal is changed, the more energy is saved.
Edit:Shenyang North Noor Electric Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-07-09

Thanks to the new principle, when you use coal to change the electric heater , you can enjoy the unprecedented high speed, the conversion rate of electric energy into thermal energy is as high as 98%, basically no waste, all the electric energy can be completed immediately. It has become hot, so that people can get a good price ratio while using it for a long time. It can also get good savings on the electricity bill, so that you can have a better sense of use in these aspects.

That is to say, the coal-to-electric heater is a more cost-effective product, and the equipment itself is also very durable, it can effectively carry out intelligent operation, once the indoor greenhouse reaches the specified temperature of the user operation, the equipment will automatically cut off . In order to avoid unnecessary operations, not only waste is avoided. At the same time, it can ensure that the heating element can have better use efficiency. Basically, the service life of the equipment is 30 years. Even if used properly, the service life of 50 years is not a problem. The life like the building makes the big family common. Easy to use.
Such equipment is very convenient to use and the special surface temperature is limited. When using a carbon fiber heater, you can set the surface temperature of the device. For example, it can be set at 50 degrees, so even if you have children at home, you will not be worried about being burnt because you are not careful. This way, when you use it, you can get safer use, and the real use is more reassuring.
How to use direct coal to change electric heater ? In summary, it is not much different from the general heater. Due to the shortcomings of direct electric heaters, direct thermal electric heaters have been slowly replaced, and the current popular products will be products such as energy storage electric heaters. In addition to electric heater products, there are other heating products. Consumers can compare and compare the actual climate to see which product they choose.


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