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Talking about the advantages of radiant electric heater and ordinary electric heater
Edit:Shenyang North Noor Electric Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-08-28

The radiant heater is a heating device that is heated, warmed and baked in the form of infrared radiant heat. The radiant heater is also suitable for outdoor use, is not afraid of natural wind blowing, cleans smokeless dust, and is light and flexible. Small size, light weight, simple operation, safe and reliable.

1. There is no waste of thermal energy in the pipeline transportation process of the radiant heater , and there is no conversion between thermal energy. Therefore, the heat of the entire heating system can be fully utilized, and the thermal conversion rate reaches 99.9%. The traditional heating system, the heat source comes from the boiler, and there is 10-15% heat loss along the way, so the heat efficiency is low, and other heating equipment is also very strong. Heat loss.

2. Because infrared radiation heating, radiant heat directly illuminate indoor objects, machinery or ground heating objects, the air in the environment is hardly heated, so under the same sanitary conditions, the radiant heating air temperature is lower than the convective heating air temperature. Generally speaking, it is generally 2-5 degrees Celsius or less, so the difference between the internal temperature and the external temperature is small. For convection heating, the indoor air is heated to form a convection of hot and cold air. Therefore, the indoor air temperature gradient is large, the roof temperature is high, the near-surface temperature is low, and the temperature gradient of convection heating is about 0.5-1.0 C/. For radiant heating, the radiant heat is directly downward. When radiating, the ground part can also accumulate part of the heat, so the indoor air temperature gradient is small, and the corresponding heat loss in the upper part of the building is also small.

3. If installed in a limited 0-200 layer insulated building, it is recommended that you install a thermostat. Because our products are insulated, first set the appropriate indoor temperature on the thermostat. The infrared radiant heater is more than ordinary heating. The energy saving is much more. Inertial navigation and guidance.

The far-infrared radiant heater has been protected from moisture, water splash, corona and arc. It is safer and more energy-efficient during use. It can also be used in painting workshops, machine repair workshops and high humidity workshops, bathrooms, saunas, etc. To make your workshop heating free.


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