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Classification and operation principle of electric heater
Edit:Shenyang North Noor Electric Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-07-05

The electric heater consists of three methods: convection, energy storage and microcirculation. The convection heating uses an electric heating tube as a heating element, and convective heating to heat the air. The utility model has the advantages of small volume, quick start, fast heating, precise control, convenient maintenance of the device, and energy storage type electric heating gas is used as energy storage material, and can be used for power supply at night. When the price is lower, the heat is released in the daytime, but the volume is large and the heating comfort is poor. Micro-circulation electric heating is a new type of electric heating that uses the heat medium in the radiator to circulate the medium in the radiator to improve the room temperature. Reliable operation and high heating efficiency. In these three types of electric heating, convection heating is very common. The general electric heaters we usually see in home appliance shops are almost convective.

The electric heater is widely used because it has many advantages: because electricity is a kind of clean power, convection heating does not discharge, no pollution, no noise, environmental protection; easy to use, electric heating, power off, even central heating and electricity in the north. IC heating can also assist with heating. Some smart models can be fixed and fixed at time and temperature. Every room is free to move and conditioning. Energy-saving and efficient, the electric energy conversion rate is over 99%, the thermal energy utilization rate is as high as 100%, and the energy saving and consumption reduction is the largest.
Electric heating can be divided into cement heating, warm air heaters and thermal radiant heating: the most common electric heating on the market is the most common electric heating on the market. The common shape is very similar to a household heater . The heater is divided into a bathhouse type and a non-bathroom type. The style of the bath heater is small, and the wind is weak and rising. The temperature is also very fast, and the plan to completely shut down can be used to ensure the safety of the application. The special room and wall heater in the room are very similar to the external shape of the air conditioner. The heat dissipation heating is like a fan shape, but the fan page and the rear net cover are replaced by electric heating components and arc reflectors, respectively.


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