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What are the attractive places for electric heating produced by electric heating manufacturers?
Edit:Shenyang North Noor Electric Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-08-06

The electric heating produced by China's electric heating manufacturers has been applied in many provinces such as Northeast China and Northwest China in just a few years. Electric heating has become a new form of residential heating.

At present, Beijing's electric heating area exceeds 10 million square meters. The Beijing Electric Power Bureau has preferential policies for the use of electric heating electricity prices. It is stipulated that the electric heating price should use the peak and valley electricity prices, and the valley electricity price should be halved, only 0.20 yuan / kWh. . Other regions, such as Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Xinjiang and other provinces and regions have also introduced policies, using electric heating users to try differential electricity prices, so that users can get affordable electricity heating, through the preferential policies, reduce the burden on users, the cost is generally lower than or Below the central heating bill, users also receive electricity heating prices in terms of economic use. For the new development of developers in residential quarters, some power bureaus have adopted self-sustaining capabilities and deferred payment of matching fees to allow developers to choose electric heating.

So what is the attractive place for electric heating produced by electric heating manufacturers as a new type of residential heating?

The first is security. Security is always the first place wherever it is. Most of the traditional domestic heating boilers are coal-fired boilers, which can be heated by the water in the pipeline to achieve the heating effect and have great fire hazards. Electric heating mainly uses electric heating water. The main body of electric heating is electric boiler. The internal control system of electric boiler makes the electrical work work more safe. The leakage protection inside the electric appliance, capacitors, etc. is to cut off the current in time when the machine fails, and protect life safety. .

The electric heating produced by environmental protection and electric heating manufacturers is more popular than gas heating in the current. The pollution-free has become its prominent advantage. Although the price of gas heating is more favorable than the electricity price, it has a great pollution to the environment. Damage to the environment can make us more harmful to the environment. The efficiency of energy saving and electric energy conversion into thermal energy is not greater than the thermal conversion rate of direct gas boiler. The energy saving effect of variable frequency series electric heating furnace is the concept of energy saving at the end. As a non-renewable energy source, we should cherish it more. This is electric heating. The inevitable cause of gas heating will eventually arise. Whether it is the past coal-fired boilers, or the current gas heating, heating, etc., the electric heating produced by electric heating manufacturers will become the leading heat source with its inherent advantages such as safety, energy saving, beautiful appearance and environmental protection.

In general, electric heating, as a new form of residential heating, has an unparalleled advantage over other heating forms, and its development prospects are very good.

It will eventually become the most suitable heating method.


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