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Introduction of regenerative electric heaters and how it works
Edit:Shenyang North Noor Electric Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-07-17

The high temperature radiation system of the regenerative electric heater is treated with an electrically heated material. Its heating function is powered by electricity. The heating technology is changed by a new heating method of infrared heat transfer in the infrared.
In the above description, the regenerative electric heater is considered to be a new electric heating method, and has been one of the most important heating methods since then. Electricity is the cleanest, most environmentally friendly, and most economical energy. Secondly, the cost of coal and kerosene is relatively high, and the advantages of electricity in these areas will continue to increase.
The regenerative electric heater wall high temperature radiation system completed the reaction of the heating industry. In the aspects of heating effect, energy saving, hot surface balance, weather resistance target, service life and relocation rate, it exceeds the traditional water and electric material heating technology. Once the heating system of the regenerative electric heater is popularized, it will be concerned with its advantages in economy, energy saving, tranquility, safety, health and environmental protection.
When the regenerative electric heater trips, the standby regenerative electric heater operates normally, and the operation switches of the regenerative electric heater and the switch regenerative electric heater are reset, and the operation of the regenerative electric heater is checked. When running the regenerative electric heater trip, the backup regenerative electric heater should be started immediately. When the backup regenerative electric heater is running, the backup standby can start an unsuccessful or non-standby carbon fiber electric heater. If the regenerative electric heater that is found to be tripped has no fault alarm and no electrical fault signal, it can be started once, and after the strong start is successful, the cause of the trip is determined, and the restart is not allowed when the strong start and loss are lost. At this time, the influence of the regenerative electric heater on the normal operation of the main heater should be confirmed, and partial isolation and load reduction measures should be taken. When the host is unable to run, the application should be stopped.


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