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Talking about energy saving, use and advantages of regenerative electric heater
Edit:Shenyang North Noor Electric Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-09-04

This year, the transformation of coal-fired boilers has begun to strengthen. The “coal to gas” and “coal to electricity” projects are in full swing. In the “coal to electricity” project, with the gradual implementation of peak and valley electricity prices, regenerative electric heating has become a popular transformation product, but many The remodeled enterprise is not very understanding. The following is a small series to introduce you to the regenerative electric heater .

1. What is regenerative electric heating?

In short, regenerative electric heaters use the mid-slot power to heat the regenerator to a certain temperature (solid materials less than 800 degrees Celsius), but also to meet the heating period of the building heating load, and use heat storage during the peak period. Residual temperature in electric heating or heating mode.

2. What type of regenerative electric heater ?

Regenerative electric heating equipment can be divided into water storage devices, solid heat storage devices and phase change thermal storage devices.

3. How can regenerative electric heating save energy?

Regenerative electric heaters use low-cost, low-temperature electricity at night to store energy. It is released in the form of heat, hot water and hot air during daytime peaks and flat power supplies for users to use. It not only helps the stable operation of the power grid, but also saves electricity costs.

4. What are the advantages of regenerative electric heaters ?

(1) Regenerative heating will not emit harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide, no black smoke, dust, no waste to be treated, no noise, no pollution, and it is the most superior from the environmental point of view.

(2) Regenerative heating products have many specifications and varieties, which can meet the needs of various uses, various environments and various conditions.

(3) There is no need for stacking sites for chimneys and fuel residues. This product is assembled and unloaded by the factory. Only the power supply and water pipes can be put into use on the spot, which can greatly save capital investment and installation cost.

(4) High thermal efficiency, convenient transportation and low loss. The thermal efficiency is above 95%. It is easier to start and stop the adjustment, and it is more energy efficient than coal-fired boilers and oil-fired boilers.

(5) The regenerative electric heater has high automation, safety and reliability. Regenerative heating generally uses automatic control to quickly and smoothly control the cyclic switching of the boiler electric heating elements. The regenerative electric heater has various protection functions such as leakage protection, short circuit protection, over current protection, over voltage protection, pressure over limit protection, and low water level protection. The regenerative electric heating product realizes electromechanical integration, does not require all-weather electric heating operation, saves costs, and avoids accidents caused by human factors.

5. How to use regenerative electric heater ?

In recent years, with the continuous development of China's power industry, the industrial structure has undergone tremendous changes, and the quality of life of the people has been continuously improved, especially in some central cities, special requirements for environmental protection and certain areas. The power supply is relatively sufficient, and electric heating is The application of China has fostered fertile soil.

In addition, in recent years, due to various reasons, the power supply has temporarily exceeded demand, and the power supply department has introduced some preferential policies, thus creating various conditions for the generation of regenerative electric heating .

However, in order to promote regenerative electric heating , regenerative electric heating should be applied to areas where strict low-voltage electricity policy must be strictly implemented, because the energy saving of regenerative electric heating is based on the local peak-valley electricity price.

Secondly, because of the need to heat during the low valley period, but also to store the heat load during the peak period, high power, the user generally has a separate transformer and has sufficient load.

According to the country's strategy of vigorously promoting “coal clean energy”, regenerative electric heating will have a very broad development prospect.


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