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Can the heater be used with confidence?
Edit:Shenyang North Noor Electric Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-08-27

Like air conditioners, electric heaters are widely used. Electric heaters have a relatively small heating area compared to air conditioners, but they are heated much faster than air conditioners. At the same time, because the electric heater is small in size and convenient to move, the use problem of the people is fully considered, and the convenience of use is improved.

The electric heater is a combination of radiation and convection. The electric heater acts as a heating element for the electric heater, which is formed by far infrared radiation and heat convection. At the same time, the negative ion function inside the electric heater can purify the air at any time, fully ensuring the fluidity of the indoor air and maintaining the comfort of the indoor air.

So is there any radiation in the heater ? The answer is yes, but the radiation of the electric heater is not the point-to-point radiation we encounter. The radiation of the electric heater is its thermal radiation. The electric heater can radiate heat because the electric heater emits the heat radiation to surround it. The air is heated, so the surrounding environment is warm. The heat radiation of the electric heater does not cause harm to the human body, and the heat radiation is only a way of heat transfer.

The electric heater has radiation, which integrates radiation and heat source convection. The internal electric high-efficiency aluminum alloy radiating wing has strong radiation energy, large radiation range, can fully dissipate, improve heat utilization efficiency, is suitable for people to use, and can provide warm and comfortable in winter. Living Environment. Therefore, although the electric heater has a certain amount of radiation, the radiation it produces is completely harmless to the human body.


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