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Winter electric heater
Edit:Shenyang North Noor Electric Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-08-23

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for quality of life are getting higher and higher. Electric heaters not only make the heating of houses so simple, how to make heating more healthy, comfortable, environmentally friendly and energy-saving has become a new requirement for heating. .

In the absence of electric heaters , people's impressions must be a very expensive product. In fact, this understanding is wrong. If someone thinks that the electric heater in the home is very power-hungry, first check the energy-saving situation of your building. If the standard is used, the operation and use of the electric heater system will definitely be in the building energy-saving. There are misunderstandings. In the building, as long as you master the correct electric heater method, you can successfully save energy and can easily solve the problem of excessive power consumption.

One way to do this is to operate at a constant temperature instead of shutting down the system. Only when you have not lived for a long time can you turn off the system and recommend turning off unused rooms a few degrees instead of turning them off completely. The electric heater system first heats indoor seats, furniture, floors, walls and other objects, and heats the air through them, so the system is often very power-hungry when it is turned off.

When the sun is full, gradually adjust the temperature and slowly heat the room. It is recommended to turn on the heater system for the first time in sunny conditions. When the heating system is just started, it should be cold started at low temperature. The power cord of the heater should be directly plugged into the power supply until the room temperature reaches the point where the power cord of the heater can be inserted into the temperature control device, the heating system will operate normally, or first Adjust to 15 degrees and then jump to 20 degrees when the room temperature is stable.


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