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The most common electric heaters on the market and the problems that require our attention
Edit:Shenyang North Noor Electric Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-08-15

An electric heater is an electric heating device that converts effective electric energy into thermal energy. Convection heaters and radiant heaters are the most common on the market.

1. Convection heater , also known as heater, consists of electric heating wire, blower and reflector. The heater is above the hot air outlet, below the air inlet, and the indoor temperature rise is heated by the air circulation of the blower.

2, quartz heater , also known as quartz infrared heater . It consists of a quartz tube and a heating wire. It uses a heating wire to heat the quartz tube, radiates far infrared rays, and heats the surrounding air. The quartz heater has the advantages of fast heating and uniform heat dissipation, but the disadvantage is that the quartz tube is more delicate and brittle.

3, electric oil heater , which is also known as oil-filled electric heater , it consists of sealing parts, radiator, heat transfer oil and temperature controller. The heat transfer oil is heated after the electric heating element is heated, and heat is emitted from the surface of the heat sink to heat the surrounding air. When the oil temperature reaches the set temperature, the thermostat will automatically cut off the power. Its advantages are safe, no fire, no smoke, no smell, and health. The disadvantage is that the temperature rises slowly and the electricity bill is low.

When using an electric heater , you should pay attention to:

1. The power socket must be equipped with a reliable grounding device. The grounding electrode of the plug must not be replaced at will, so as to avoid danger.

2. Do not hang the power cord on the surface of the heat sink to prevent damage to the insulation layer caused by electric shock.

3. Do not let children touch the heat sink to prevent burns.

4. Be careful when moving the heater. The power must be turned off first.

5. Unplug the power cord from the power box before turning it on.

6. The electric heater must be placed vertically when in use.

7. The electric oil heater has a humidifying function. The water in the humidifying bottle will be used up within 2 hours. It should be added water in time, not dry, otherwise it will easily burn the humidifier.


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