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Does the electric heater not save electricity? North Noel Electric tells you how to use it to save energy
Edit:Shenyang North Noor Electric Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-08-11

Does the electric heater not save electricity? Shenyang North Noor Electric Co., Ltd. tells you how to use it to save energy.

With the development of science and technology and the advancement of society, the requirements for electric heaters have also undergone great changes. The demand for low-carbon heating is imminent. The emergence of electric heaters has brought people new pursuits. However, electric heating It is the best heating equipment that people pay attention to. How to make electric heating energy in the process of using it?

First, the choice of electric heaters must be suitable for their own living environment, if their own houses are not energy-efficient buildings, they can not be used, the house will be transformed into energy-saving buildings, the use of electric heaters will be more energy-efficient.

Second, the electric heater in the initial stage of the use of the process of gradually warming, must not directly rise from zero to their ideal temperature.

Third, the electric heater in the use of more homes, the need to turn off the unused rooms, the problem of living in the room to improve, so as not to waste resources.

Fourth, for the elderly and children in the family, because the elderly and children are particularly afraid of cold, especially in the Spring and Autumn Period, the temperature of the room where the children and the elderly live, the temperature of the room for young people is appropriate, make it electric Reduce consumption and reach the point of energy saving.

5. For the office workers, the temperature will be lowered when approaching, reaching about 5 degrees, set the current temperature, and then, before leaving work, the temperature of the electric heating thermostat will be programmed to warm up, so that the temperature will rise before going home. To reach the temperature you need.

Sixth, for the age of the house must wait for it to completely dry out, or part of the heat of electricity heating for the evaporation of water, so that electricity consumption increases, the cost increases.

7. When choosing an electric heater , you must choose the things of the big manufacturers. The purchased electric heating can be guaranteed, so that the electric heating power will not be attenuated with time, and finally the electric heating cost will increase, but it is not hot. .

Eight, because the heat conversion efficiency of the electric heater is high, the electric energy can be basically completely converted into heat energy. At this time, pay attention to the use of heat as much as possible when paving, so that energy saving can be achieved, and at the same time At present, the peak and valley electricity prices implemented by the city should make rational use of the peak and valley electricity prices, and store heat during the valley electricity, while maintaining constant temperature during peak power.

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