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Talking about the difference between electric heater and air conditioner
Edit:Shenyang North Noor Electric Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-08-24

The general principle of air conditioning heating is a heat pump, which completes a complete heat cycle inside, and the heating principle of the electric heater is a heating wire, which relies on high and low temperature difference circulation to dissipate heat. The difference between the heat exchange methods also determines the difference between the two power consumption. Under the premise of achieving the same heating effect, the electric power consumption of the electric heater is larger than that of the air conditioning heating. However, the conclusion that air conditioners are more energy efficient than electric heaters is somewhat sloppy from the perspective of energy conversion. If it is a small range of heating, and the heating time is not long, then the electric heater is more energy efficient.

There is still a difference between theory and practice. The hot air will rise because of the small density. The activity area of ​​the room is about 1.8m (excluding people above 1 meter and 8 meters). The installation height of the air conditioner is basically on the roof of the house. The forced convection heat is conducted by the fan inside, and the electric heater is below. In this case, it is obvious that the air conditioner needs to consume more energy to obtain the comfortable temperature of the same person's active area. In the case of floor radiation, this is more energy efficient, and the comfort of the human body will be high, because the heat is from the bottom up. Therefore, we should not easily conclude that air conditioning is more energy efficient.

In addition, if it is a small range of heating, and the heating time is not long, then the electric heater is more energy efficient. The electric heater is equivalent to a small fan blowing against a high-power bulb, thus heating the air to form a warm air. When the air conditioner is turned on, it is equivalent to sucking away the cold air in the room, and the external machine is circulated, heated and sent to the room. The air conditioner has more natural parts and consumes more electricity, so most of the electric heaters on the market consume electricity. All are lower than air conditioners.

At present, this statement is more common in the market. It is said that the heat exchange method of air conditioners and electric heaters is different. Air conditioning heating and heating is to absorb a lot of heat from the outdoor ambient air and transfer it to the indoor while consuming a certain amount of electric power. On average, the air conditioner heating consumes 1 kWh per watt. It can additionally transfer the equivalent of 2 kWh of heat from the outside to the room; while the electric heater only converts electricity into heat in the consumption of electricity, and the power consumption of the heater is higher than that of the air conditioner under the premise of achieving the same heating effect. Be bigger.


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