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The advantages of smart electric heating for developers
Edit:Shenyang North Noor Electric Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-08-31

The advantages of smart electric heating for developers

1. Intelligent electric heating can alleviate the financial pressure of developers. Intelligent electric heating is generally installed after the roof of the main building and the external protective structure are completed, which is convenient for developers to turn around.

2. The comprehensive investment cost of smart electric heating is low.

The initial investment (radiation heater, electric curtain, smart electric heating cloth) is lower than the investment of central heating. The construction period is short, the construction is convenient, and the construction cost is low.

The post-management and maintenance costs are low (heating cables and smart electric heating films have no maintenance costs), and the developer has no property subsidy.

In the absence of outdoor pipe network, boiler room and heat exchange station, the planned land can save 3%-5%, which can improve the outbound rate and reduce the unit cost of the house.

3, intelligent electric heating reduces the cost of maintaining the house of the second and multi-level homeowners, which is very attractive and should be a selling point in the sale of homes.

4. On the basis of reducing investment, intelligent electric heating improves the taste of products and improves the comfort of life.

5, intelligent electric heating can be safe and worry-free: no dripping worry, electric shock.


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