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Talking about the advantages of infrared radiation heater
Edit:Shenyang North Noor Electric Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-08-29

Infrared radiant electric heater , far infrared heating method: energy concentration, significant thermal effect, no need to heat the air, by direct radiation to the object, can be directly heated to be absorbed by various objects in the local area, can adjust the temperature, normal temperature / high temperature The utility model can penetrate the heating object to realize the artificial solar heating system without generating floating dust, not drying the air, the working environment is warm and comfortable, has high comfort to the human body, and has health care function. (Other heating methods, energy dispersion, slow heat effect, air convection generates floating dust, air drying, affecting health, dry and floating dust, making the respiratory tract easy to infect, long-term discomfort, easy to get sick.)

Infrared radiant heaters are heating methods that use a heater to directly emit long-range infrared energy waves to heat people and objects in the entire environment.

The thermal infrared radiant heater can be built with high specific heat insulation material. The heat stored for a certain period of time after the power failure is still isothermal and exothermic, not only can keep warm, but also activate the tibia.

The infrared series of the radiant heater will glow when in use, so it is not suitable for sitting in the bedroom. For a long time, the skin has a slight burning sensation and is not suitable for infants and young children. Relatively speaking, convection heating seems to be more applicable, close to people, worthy of mainstream heating.


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