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Do you know this humanized energy-saving electric heater?
Edit:Shenyang North Noor Electric Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-08-30

At present, our lives are increasingly inseparable from electrical products. Since safety accidents occur when electrical appliances are used, the problem of safe use of electrical appliances is increasingly valued by users, society, and the state. While electric heaters send people warmth, their safety and energy conservation problems have been plaguing people. People think that many measures and methods are still not ideal. The inductive control safety energy-saving electric heater designed by us has retained the original temperature control circuit and installed a set of human body infrared sensor switch device in series to make it more intelligent and humanized, and improved the product safety factor.

When the energy-saving heater is warming, first insert the power plug into the socket, set the sensor selection switch to “sensing”, and then turn on the thermostat switch. When the temperature is lower than 45 °C, the temperature control circuit switch is turned on. At this time, if the person warms up next to the energy-saving heater , the human body infrared sensor switch will detect the infrared spectrum emitted by the human body and also turn on the circuit, so that two series are connected. After the switching circuit is turned on, the current is radiated through the halogen tube to heat the person. If the person leaves the energy-saving heater , the infrared sensor switch of the human body does not detect the infrared signal emitted by the human body, and the infrared sensor switch is turned off, so that the circuit stops the heating device and stops the heating, which is safe and saves energy.

When you need to bake clothes, insert the power plug into the socket, set the sensor selection switch to “not sense”, then turn on the temperature control switch, and lower the working power of the energy-saving heater . At this time, the human body infrared sensor switch device will Not working, the energy-saving heater will bake clothes at low temperatures.

In order to meet the needs of heating in different occasions, we have designed two kinds of induction methods: if the energy-saving electric heater is placed under the table for heating, a screw is placed on a table foot, and the infrared sensor head is hung on the screw. If the energy-saving heater is placed at no table for heating, install a hollow universal metal rod that can be bent and arbitrarily adjusted at the side of the heater. The infrared sensor head is mounted on the top, and the signal line is from Pass through the pole. At the same time, a zipper is cut and opened at the corresponding position of the cover, so that the infrared sensor head is pierced from the zipper, so that even if the universal joint does not affect the cover, it plays a role of relatively fixed cover.

The energy-saving electric heater is safe and reliable, and the perfect design of human body induction completely solves the safety problem that various electric heaters do not solve; high-efficiency and energy-saving, can effectively monitor the power supply in time when no one is heating, and prevent the waste of electric energy; intelligent and convenient, The intelligent control is convenient and timely. When people want to get close to the electric heater when they are warming, they can leave at any time without worry.

The project is applied to the automatic control of energy-saving electric heaters , and uses the human body infrared induction to control the current switch, which has certain practicability and improves the safety of the electric heater, saves electric energy, and should further improve the reliability.


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