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Electric heating technology introduction
Edit:Shenyang North Noor Electric Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-07-09

Electric heating means that electric substitution refers to the convenience, safety and clarity of making full use of electric energy.
Clean and efficient, and oriented to the terminal energy consumer market, actively advocate the energy consumption of “power generation instead of coal, electricity instead of oil, and electricity”.
The new model of charging promotes the use of electric heating, electricity storage, and modern facilities for farmers. Industrial, home electrification, electric power transportation, etc., increase the power supply capacity of the terminal.
The proportion of energy consumption reduces fossil energy consumption and environmental pollution. dyeing. Currently, there are 10 mature energy replacement technologies on the market.
There are many types of electric heaters , including heating, refrigeration, industry, agriculture, transportation, and home.
It is divided into two categories: electricity instead of coal and electricity instead of oil.
Both national and local governments have adopted policies that adopt nature. Gas or electric energy can replace heating and industrial coal combustion, reducing direct combustion in the load center.
Coal gangue caused by coal. This paper studies the heating needs in Tianjin. According to the actual situation, the electric heating technology is mainly introduced.
2.1 points household electric heating technology (1) technical characteristics Household electric heating is the process of converting electrical energy into heat radiation and heat release. The quality includes an electric heating film, a carbon crystal plate, a heating cable, and the like.
(2) Advantages One is radiant heating, no water, no drying and sultry; the second is to achieve household control and reduce unnecessary heat waste; Roads, pipe trenches, radiators and other equipment can increase the use area by about 3%.
(3) Electrothermal film technology Take the electric heating film as an example, and the heating element is a special ink, which is rare. The carbon paste formed of the substrate is printed on the base film and has thermal efficiency.
Especially suitable for new residential quarters. Heat matching. The electrothermal film heating system consists of an electric heating film, a T-cable and a connecting rod.
It consists of a cable, power splitter, diaphragm temperature sensor and temperature controller.
For example, Figure 3. Room temperature can be adjusted manually or automatically via a thermostat.


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