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Are you using such a great regenerative heater?
Edit:Shenyang North Noor Electric Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-09-06

1. Energy is easy to use, healthy and comfortable. The water heating temperature is uncontrollable and cannot be adjusted freely, especially water heating and geothermal heat, so that the indoor air is dry, and it is easy to generate floating dust and static electricity. The regenerative electric heater has the characteristics of humanized operation and humanized control, which avoids the physical discomfort caused by the cold autumn and cold spring, and does not generate dust and static electricity.

2, investment economy, maintenance-free life-long use, there will be no problems such as dripping, leakage, etc., saving a lot of trouble for the owner and saving valuable time.

3, the construction period is short, simple and convenient: the regenerative electric heater is easy to install, no complicated engineering design and construction, greatly shortening the construction time of the heating system, reducing the cumbersome approval procedures, and effectively reducing the construction cost. Several skilled operators can produce about 10,000 square meters in 10 days, which is easy to install and shortens the construction period.

4. Save money. There is no need to build boiler room, external network interface fee, pipe network, coal storage, ash heap, etc., saving land. No need for traditional terminal equipment, saving the area occupied by indoor pipe network and indoor boiler; saving money for developers and residents; the government does not have to invest a lot of money for the renovation of heating network, saving government funds. And the water flow console is less and saves money.

5. Energy conservation and environmental protection use electricity as energy. Regenerative electric heaters directly convert electrical energy into thermal energy, rather than directly using coal as energy and water as medium. After the water is heated, the purpose of circulation heating can be achieved, and there is no harmful gas emission noise and dust pollution of the traditional heating method, which saves precious water resources and does not affect the surrounding environment. Moreover, the thermal efficiency of the regenerative heater is 99.68%, and there is almost no other loss during operation. The use of a regenerative far-infrared heating system not only reduces the waste of these terminal materials, but also reduces environmental damage and pollution caused by the production of these materials.

The headquarters of Shenyang North Noor Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Shenyang Fortune Center of Shenyang Central Business District. The production base is located in Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is a design and development of various types of electric heating equipment and gas heating equipment created by Spain's independent investment in China. , foreign manufacturing enterprises, electric heating manufacturers, electric heating manufacturers, electric heating manufacturers. The company has passed ISO9000 certification, and all products produced have passed the national CCC certification, mainly engaged in regenerative electric heaters , radiant electric heaters, coal-modified electric heaters, direct-heating electric heaters, energy-saving electric heaters, Storage electric heaters, smart electric heaters, waterproof electric heaters, coal-to-electric equipment, intelligent electric heating, convection electric heating, electric heater wholesale. The company's various types of electric heating products inherit the advanced production technology and unique assembly process of the North Norr Electric Heater in Spain, and select high-tech original components and related products to manufacture and manufacture in China. This will bring more economical and convenient services to North Nortel China users.


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