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North Noel energy-saving heaters offer more reasonable
Edit:Shenyang North Noor Electric Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-07-09

In winter, if you want to live in a comfortable environment, it is very important to choose heating equipment. Now energy-saving electric heaters have become a popular electric heating furnace equipment. However, there are many types of energy-saving electric heaters , and there are significant differences in heating effects. Therefore, we should pay special attention to the choice of heating. North Noel energy-saving heater is a good choice. The wholesale energy-saving electric heaters in North Noel are not expensive, so they are called the first choice of many agent customers.

Of course, the North Noel energy-saving heater is slightly higher than the ordinary electric heater, but it will greatly reduce the cost in the subsequent use, and will have more outstanding performance in terms of heating effect. Therefore, it is necessary to point out that targeted choices are necessary, which contribute to better quality assurance.
It is recognized that the quality of the carbon fiber electric heater provided by the manufacturer with good quality of the North Noel energy-saving electric heater can ensure the quality of the electric heater is better and can be afforded at the sales price, so that it can be done. Obey the requirements of the customer. Only when the quality is guaranteed, the electric heater can be heated better in the winter, which effectively reduces the cost of use. In short, as a new type of heating equipment, it can better reflect the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving.
1000 Huiyuan infrared heating device is more than 55%~70% energy saving than ordinary resistance wire electric heater, coal stove, gas stove, electric heater, air conditioner, electric heating furnace and floor heating. The heat utilization rate is 98%. The surface temperature of the heat sink is 80-90 degrees fast for 5 minutes, the service life is 15-30 years, no installation, no maintenance, no noise, no pollution, no heat conduction medium, easy to disassemble, and consumes 0.6 kWh per hour. ). The indoor temperature is 16 degrees to 20 degrees, the indoor air is not dry, and the air has purification and sterilization effects. It is a major breakthrough in energy conservation, environmental protection, safety and efficient utilization. It is a new revolution in heating methods.


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