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Economic analysis of electric heating
Edit:Shenyang North Noor Electric Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-07-09

Natural gas is used as a comparison object to analyze the economics of electric heating .
3.1 Construction cost economic comparison method is mainly based on comparative analysis of equal annual cost conversion, the formula is


Where: I is the initial investment; i is the discount rate, taking the commercial loan bank interest rate
6.15%; N is the life of the equipment, year.
3.2 Economical cost comparison of electric heating operation cost Based on natural gas, the economical efficiency of the electric heating equipment is analyzed by calculating the equivalent energy price and critical electricity price.
(1) Equivalent energy price The natural gas equivalent heating value is 9.8 times of the electric heating value. However, due to the different energy efficiency of various types of electrical equipment, the performance differs greatly. According to the cost equalization method, the theoretical equivalent energy price is calculated, and the formula is

(2) where: p gas is the price of natural gas;

E is the equivalent energy price; η
Gas and η ep are the efficiency of natural gas equipment and electric equipment respectively; H gas and H ep are the equivalent heating values ​​of natural gas and electric power, respectively.
According to Table 1 and Table 2, taking public buildings as an example, compared with natural gas equipment, the equivalent energy price of electric boiler is 0.382 4 yuan / kWh, and the equivalent energy price of electric heat pump is 0.877 9 yuan / kWh. It is so large that it cannot be used as a general, only economic comparison standard for electric heating and other energy heating.

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