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The use and function of carbon fiber heater
Edit:Shenyang North Noor Electric Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-08-31

In daily life, no matter what we buy, we hope that the longer it stays with us, the better. Like a mobile phone, buying an Apple phone really wants it to last a long time. Similarly, we purchase carbon fiber heaters and we hope that it will be used for a long time.

The new carbon fiber heaters have a long service life, are durable, are not easily damaged, and have a service life of 20-30 years. Strict screening, aging and testing of components and complete machines of carbon fiber heaters . The electrical conductivity exceeds the national standard of 2000V. The carbon fiber electric heater is made of high-pressure composite material, which completely overcomes the electric heating film and electrical conductivity. The heater such as paint and carbon powder is easy to break, easy to fall off, peroxide, over current and heat resistance. The shortcomings of poor performance and low insulation strength make this product light in weight, non-polluting, strong in structure, and have a service life of not less than 100,000 hours. It has three layers of temperature control. The hot wire is equipped with an over-temperature protection switch; the thermostat has a heat sink body; a room temperature adjustment switch is used to set a constant temperature state of the heating temperature, the electric shock intensity is above 3000 volts, and there is no magnetic wave radiation.

Carbon fiber heater function

1. Improve the microcirculation effect and increase the body's metabolism. According to Kirchhoff's rules, any excellent radiation device must be an excellent absorber. To the same extent, the greater the effect, the greater the absorption effect, the two are proportional, and the body emits infrared light each time.

2. Reduce aging. It increases blood repetition, makes metabolism more vigorous, improves the effect of its own organs, reduces the time of decline, and often in normal use, to reduce aging.

3. Central nervous system function. The warming effect needs to increase blood circulation, improve brain microcirculation, and obtain sufficient oxygen and nutrient supply to improve the imbalance, increase the inhibition process, and play a sleep role.


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