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Intelligent electric heating - environmental protection, energy saving, healthy heating
Edit:Shenyang North Noor Electric Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-09-03

The traditional heating method - central heating of coal-fired boilers, due to its waste of coal, gas and water resources, polluting the air and the environment, and uneven heat and cold, is causing people to think about heating innovation.

Is there a more environmentally friendly, energy-saving and healthy heating method?

According to media reports, a new type of heating method - far infrared intelligent electric heating boom. Far-infrared intelligent electric heating will solve the problems of energy saving, water saving, material saving and environmental protection in government and real estate development enterprises with its advantages of environmental protection, health, safety, intelligence, durability and energy saving. Promote the reform of the heating system and avoid heating disputes. Far-infrared smart electric heating will gradually occupy the heating market with its irreplaceable advantages. .

Far-infrared intelligent electric heating is a high-tech product that is different from traditional air conditioners, electric heaters, central air conditioners and other high-energy electric heating. At present, there are mainly far infrared electric heating films, heating cables, and far infrared carbon crystal wall heating.

With the popularization of wind power, nuclear power and photovoltaic power generation, a large amount of surplus power has been deployed by the National Development and Reform Commission to guide the use of electricity and to change the peak and valley electricity price policy. According to the policies of some provinces that implement peak and valley electricity prices, the night electricity bill is only 0.28 yuan per kWh, which will save a lot of operating costs for the majority of electric users. "It is a social consensus to replace electricity with coal, replace electricity with oil, and use electricity for long distances."

With far infrared heating, you don't have to worry about its danger or danger. Instead, you can enjoy the comfort and warmth of the sun while receiving infrared treatments to strengthen the immune system. At the same time, these products also have the advantages of 50 years of service life and up to 99.69% thermal conversion. What's more attractive is that this kind of product can be controlled by households, and the temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily, which is easy to achieve “energy-saving behavior”; smart electric heating can save 30%-50% compared with other heating methods, and the installation cost is lower than central air-conditioning, gas The cost of the wall hob and water heater.


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